Good Character and Community Engagement

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

We encourage good character in all our programs, while empowering youth to make a positive impact on their community.

Throughout the year, Club members of all ages can participate in community service and leadership programs that build their skills while teaching them that they have the power to positively bring about change in their community. Through these experiences, youth develop a strong and positive peer network, a deeper connection to their community, and an understanding of personal responsibility, social justice, and the importance of service to others. 

By the time they leave the Club, youth have a stronger sense of purpose and belief in their own power to create meaningful change.

Signature Programs

Youth of the Year

Every year, we choose one outstanding teen from each Clubhouse to participate in our Citywide Youth of the Year program, a four-month program that builds leadership and public speaking skills, while preparing teens for success in college and beyond.

Keystone Club

Keystone is a national Boys & Girls Clubs of America program that helps high school students become leaders in their communities. Keystone members participate in an annual national service project and raise at least $3,000 to attend the National Keystone Conference.

Torch Club

Torch Club is a national Boys & Girls Clubs of America program that encourages middle schoolers to become leaders in their communities. Torch Club members participate in an annual national service project.

Camp Leaders in Training (LIT)

Leaders-in-Training (LIT) is Camp Mendocino’s job readiness and character development program for teens ages 15-17. Visit Camp Mendocino's website to learn more. Learn more >>


All of our locations provide leadership and community service opportunities throughout the year. Please contact your local Clubhouse for more information about programs offered.

Meet Our Youth Leaders


“The Club helped me find my passion for helping others, especially people of color.”

Diana, 4-year member, Excelsior Clubhouse


“I learned from Torch Club that you have to be prepared and have the right mindset.”

Gordon, 10-year member, Visitacion Valley Clubhouse


“I’m slowly growing, and I’m making sure that I learn from my mistakes. Keystone has taught me just that.”

Katya, 8-year member, Mission Clubhouse